Reflected autumn colours

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Hampstead Health, London : Canon 40D : EF-S10-22mm (16mm) : 1/200 : f5.0

Reflections can be a great way to inject creativity and a sense of art into your images. Water creates patterns and distortions that create wonderful often abstract art out of ordinary everyday scenes. Don’t  be afraid of experimenting with Photoshop either. Sometimes the reflections can lack contrast, need colour correction to be selectively sharpened if they extend outside your intended depth of focus.

As Autumn approaches the leaves that are blown across the ponds and lakes will have turned golden brown and now decorate the water in amazing patterns. This shot was taken late one afternoon in Hampstead Heath London. The ripples and golden glow combine to create an eye-catching background highlight while the floating leaves offer an interesting foreground pattern across the spectrum of autumn colours.

It certainly may not look like this on the day, but with some patience and Photoshop skills, you can create something rewarding that reflects our English autumn.