The beauty of street dance

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Dance Performers at the V&A piazza : Canon 5D : 85mm : 1/8000 sec : f1.8 

The V&A recently opened a new wing. It was no small event. Forget stuffy, think white minimal architecture, spacious hanging galleries and a wonderful new piazza.

The opening was marked by a series of creative events. I was lucky enough to be attending one of these when a troupe of final year dance students appeared on the piazza for a spectacular 15-minute performance. The crowd was instantly captivated. The image capture challenge was to bring to life the uniqueness of the dancer’s movements, whilst minimising the impact of the buildings surrounding the piazza.

I decided to shoot from ground level, pointing the camera upwards towards the dancers and using a wide aperture on a fast 85mm prime lens. The perspective brought to life the shapes made by the dancers’ bodies, whilst the narrow depth of field helped minimise the impact of the unwanted background. This shot was one of almost a hundred taken in that mesmerising quarter of an hour. I hope it does justice to the dancer’s exquisite choreography and precision timing.