A Return to Iceland 2019

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The beauty and allure of the land of ice and snow can be a potent drug for photographers, seducing them to return to Iceland time and again. I am one of its victims. I chose the end of June for my next trip, balancing predicted rainfall, temperature and sunlight hours, with the best time of year for capturing the landscape. I have again missed the opportunity for shooting the northern lights, but this has never been a personal priority. This time, rather than travelling the entire ring road, I have selected a personal list of must re-visit sites that I hope to capture in black and white.

During my trip last June I took over 3,500 images and have been able to extract a hundred I felt gave justice to the beauty and diversity of the landscape. I am currently in planning mode, trying to balance the temptation of taking every bit of kit with a more sensible approach of bringing only what is needed. One additional piece of equipment I will definitely be taking this year is a waterproof skin protector for my Canon 5D body. This will hopefully shield it against the relentless mists I experienced last year while photographing the waterfalls. Meanwhile, I am starting to pour over detailed maps, while reviewing my ever growing library of books on the waterfalls, topography and culture of Iceland.

An exciting time for preparation and planning beckons. I plan to write regular posts detailing my intended image capture strategies and provide some background on the thinking behind my choices of photographic kit.